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Honest natural bath & beauty products you'll feel good about using everyday.
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Hi there! I'm Michelle, the dreamer and maker behind Cosmic Bath & Beauty. I am a wife and mama, a sister, a friend, a maker, a treasure hunter and a soul searching sun worshiper and I am delighted that my family and I get to live, work and play here in the California sunshine every single day.

Cosmic is an honest natural bath & beauty company from the heart of California. My creative expression is my experiment, my contribution to making the world a better place to live. I make natural cosmetics for the most amazing humans and together, we believe in natural beauty and that honest, natural cosmetics and body care goods should be accessible to anyone who believes they're worth it. I design and make everything in small batches to ensure you're getting the very best quality and our labels are always in plain english so that you know precisely what you are applying on your skin. 

We believe in natural beauty and that honest, natural cosmetics and body care goods should be accessible to anyone who believes they’re worth it.

Cosmic is my opportunity to create the kind of company that I'd want to do business with. So let me just say, I am so happy you're here. Fix yourself a cup of tea or join me in a strong cup of coffee, sit back and stay awhile and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Love + Light, 


Honest, natural bath and beauty products you will feel good about using everyday. 

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The roads that led me here. 

I believe we're all doing the best we can in each and every moment, of every day. Some have it all together and some of us are a beautiful mess... but our lives are interconnected in ways that are hard to deny. We are connected to each other, we are connected to our environment and I believe each and everyone of us makes an impact on everything else. We are quite literally shaping the world with each breath we take, every word we let cross our lips has the power to build someone up or tear them down. Every thought we allow to sink into our very bones, will affect the way we perceive each moment we spend here, and we're in this together.

Powerful stuff right?!! I believe that we each carry a spark of divinity and the choices we make are our super power. That's right, say it with me. “The conscious choices I make are my super power. I have the power to shape my world.”

Several years ago I began to realize how many assumptions I had been making... like totally on autopilot. But I can't really beat myself up for all the years we spent eating Mc Donald’s or thinking margarine or Splenda were a more healthy choice. I was making those decisions based on the knowledge I had at that time. Now, it was just as simple as making a decision that, that so called “food” was no longer going to be a choice for me or my family. 

Inspiring me in this walk, were 2 mom's. Leading the way for thousands of women from all over with globe with daily bits of wisdom sent conveniently to our email box. Their messages were short and relevant, packed full of good info with plenty of links to back them up and even alternatives they'd tried and loved! One day they proposed a question: "Is your shampoo making you fat?" then provided a list ingredients and challenged you to see if your daily beauty routine was as clean as their marketing implied. Yikes! I was pretty disappointed that my beauty drawer needed some cleaning up.

Originally, I wanted to buy products that I could feel good about my family using every single day. I searched for a company that I wanted to support, to see grow and thrive because I thought they were putting our health first. And to be honest, I wanted to be appreciated for choosing them. I also wanted “natural” not the deceptive kind of natural that companies like Proctor & Gamble tout their products to be. But a look you in the eye, real person kinda natural. No chemical preservatives. No junk I couldn't pronounce or had to google to understand. And just like my food I wanted it fresh.

Originally, I wanted to buy products that I could feel good about my family using every single day. 

As a mom and life long maker, I decided that if I couldn't find quality products that met my new super-natural requirements, I was happy to make them. And if I was going to start somewhere, the beginning - cleansing - made the most sense to me. So I set aside my usual creative pursuits and set out to create a simple soap that was both gentle and effective with ingredients that even my children could pronounce. After spending a good part of 2009 in my kitchen learning the chemistry of soap and whipping up batch after batch, our family was sure we had settled on "the ultimate bar of soap." A perfect combination of skin-loving oils that lathered well enough to make skin feel clean but didn't strip essential moisture. Finally something that we could use daily and I could feel really good about.

Carefully handcrafted, our bar soaps are made in very small batches. We choose only the very best ingredients to create a skin loving, long lasting bar of soap that will lather up with oodles of bubbles and get ya good and clean without drying out your skin. May 1st of 2010 we opened for business at a local street fair selling handmade soaps and lip balms from my vintage Samsonite suitcases under the name Cosmic Popsicle. 2011 brought refinements to our brand, we dropped the “Popsicle” and went with Cosmic Bath & Beauty it also brought the opportunity for collaboration with a dear friend of mine, Anna of Experimental Vintage, together we researched, experimented, laughed and cried at all the possibilities we could bring our friends and Cosmic Beauties with an all natural line of Mineral Makeup.

We decided to stick to our roots and only use natural, healthy ingredients and held our handcrafted cosmetics to the same high standards as the existing body and skincare line. We knew we wanted a different kind of cosmetic company, where good health was a priority, beauty was natural and the makeup was a fun accessory. Neither one of us were fans of the Mineral Makeup lines we had tried so far but we were "totally" up for the challenge. It makes my heart happy to offer Cosmic Beauty Mineral Makeup to anyone who knows they're worth making the change to healthier cosmetics and I try to make the switch as painless as possible.

Cosmic is my creative expression, my contribution to making the world a better place to live. I make each and every items as if I was making it for my own family and then share it with you. Cosmic is this amazing adventure that my family is quite literally at the heart of and I'm honored to have the opportunity to have created the kind of company I'd like to do business with and thank you my customers, because you are the beautiful people I love to serve. Blessings.