Cosmic Full Moon Mandala || Rituals

Cosmic Full Moon Mandala

Happy Full Moon Beauties!

I've been struggling a lot lately with over scheduling and possibly spreading myself too thin. No wait, who... me? You ever do such a thing? It's sort of a cycle for me... I go through seasons of busy(ness) and times of more rest and this spring has kept me hoppin!! :)

I find myself setting the same intention time and time again and that has been to "slow time down." Not literally of course but in the way I expierence it, to make a conscious effort to really savor a moment. I like to be straight forward and admit, I've done better in the past but I am working on it. Slowing down and savoring this time was my intention with this creative project I did together with my daughter Brooke (also resident creative and photographer for this post.) We wanted to create a beautiful mandala for this Full Flower Moon. One that incorporated our crystals and stones, one we would leave out for Luna to illuminate for the next few days and nights. 

Cosmic Full Moon Mandala over Tub

Want to know more about this Full Moon energy? Check out Mystic Mama for wisdom found in the stars. And if you feel you're in need of a creative time out, I encourage you to spend $9 on some flowers or go for a walk around your neighborhood and harvest flower petals and leaves from friendly neighbors willing to share. I always recommend you put on some good music, I can always rely on my girl Brooke for that :) and open yourself up to what unfolds. You can kinda see our process below. 

I'm really hoping we make this a new monthly ritual in our home!

Brooke had a vision for our first Cosmic Full Moon Mandala and I'm so happy with the way this one came out. Being that the full moon is in watery Scorpio we placed it over our outdoor tub, it was the perfect spot to display her. If you decide to bring a little full moon ritual into your home, share it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. I'd love to see what inspires you.  #cosmicfullmoonmandala

Love + Light.