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Happy Sunday Beauties!

For years now I've been feeling the need to share the story behind some of the products you know and love. Many of you have heard them personally, but I've never actually documented them so let's hope this is a first in a series. I get inquiries all time, wanting to know our offerings for a daily face wash, so here's everything you want to know about our Moisturizing Complexion Soap.

Photo credit: Echo Media Photography, Modesto CA

Photo credit: Echo Media Photography, Modesto CA

Let's start at the beginning. I formulated our Moisturizing Complexion Soap way back in the summer of 2011. I was in la-la-la-love with my body soap formulation but I didn't find it serving my skin as well when it came to washing my face. Naturally, I wanted something with pure ingredients, that was gentle and would effectively washed away the days dirt, oil, sweat, pollen, etc and it had to tackle my makeup too. I wanted my combination skin to feel clean, without drying out my complexion with daily use. After reasearching, tweeking and testing several versions I came up with a bar soap, made of high quality ingredients that seemed to aid my skin in balancing itself.

COSMIC Moisturizing Complexion Bar is made up of more than 50% Saponified Organic Olive Oil, along with saponified oIls of Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Fair-Trade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Jojoba. Pure. Gentle. Effective. No added fragrances or colors and non-drying. 

Now for the How to Use. I recommend using once a day, washing your face every night before bed. Moisten face, neck, hands and your chunk of bar soap with warm water. Bring to a lather and wash away the day. Wash away any dirt, oil and makeup on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. I carefully remove eye makeup using my Golden Complexion Oil Moisturizer. Then rinse completely. In the morning upon rising, I've learned to simply rinse my face with warm water before carrying out the rest of my morning selfcare rituals. But I recommend doing what feels right to you, play with your selfcare and find the balance for your skin.

A full size bar of our complexion soap weighs in around 2.5 oz and will set you back $6. It's quite a bargain for an organic bar soap and most beauties feel as though the bar lasts forever. We do offer a smaller size that weighs in between 1 - 1.5 oz and wears a $4 price tag. For only $1 I like to offer our sensitive skin beauties a small sample piece that will last you somewhere around a week or so if used daily.

Where can you find this AMAZING bar of face soap that I've been using everyday, for like 6 years now...? I've got a new batch listed here on the website, you can snag your's here. Or if you like to shop wonderful little brick and mortar, neighbor owned shops... check out our Stockists Page for one near you. Don't see a shop in your area? Tell your favorite store owner about Cosmic!! Yes! I love working with small businesses and would be honored by your referral.

Well let me know if you have any questions below in the comments section. Especially if there's something essential I've completely left out, so feel free to make a suggestion if you'd like.

Love + Light.