Spring Skin || Skincare . Ritual


Spring is finally here and it brings along our usual days of sunshine, no wait, I mean wind. Whoops, not today, today it's rain but tomorrow it'll be sunshine again, haha. With Spring here to stay it also means the season for confused skin, dry patches and breakouts mirroring the season's unpredictable days.

Hey Beauties!

I've had a few of you reach out over the last few weeks raising concerns about your super confused skin. I want you to know you're not alone and what I like to do, to get my skin through.

With the weather warming up north of the equator, the seasons are changing and our skin is adapting to these changes too. Our skin is our outer most layer, its job is to protect us from the elements and basically holds us all together. It is the largest organ of the body and how we care for our skin is of so much importance. 

Here are my tips for keeping skin happy and hydrated while the seasons change and over the years have served me best, as we ease into the warmer months.

1. Drink water everyday! It is super important to stay hydrated, beauty really does shine from the inside out. I like to add fresh fruit to my water bottles, it's pretty to look at and makes water a special treat.

2. Eat clean. Cutting way back on sugar and eating lots of colorful fresh fruits and veggies isn't just some fad, it's essential for healthy radiant skin. This whole beauty from the inside out thing again...

3. Take a time out. Stress negativity affects our sympathetic nervous system, pushing things like digestion, hair, skin and nails to the background. You can find a great read breaking down of how stress affects us here. Stress is not your friend so if you're feeling overwhelmed take a time out and b . r . e . a . t . h .

4. Establish a beauty ritual and stick with it. I feel like cleansing, moisturizing and massage are essential daily. Weekly exfoliation is an extra treat that instantly brightens my complexion, leaving my skin fresh and radiant. Here's my personal beauty ritual below:


PM Ritual: I wash the day away every night before bed with our Moisturizing Complexion Bar, a couple spritz of my Rose Water Toner and while my face is still damp I gently and lovingly massage my Radiant Complexion Oil into my face and neck.

AM Ritual: Mornings I simply rinse my skin with warm water, again I like to bless my face with a couple spritz of my Rose Water Toner and while my face is still damp again I gently and lovingly massage my Radiant Complexion Oil into my face and neck .


Weekly Exfoliating Ritual: Once a week I like to take some time to exfoliate with one of our Clay Masks (when my skin is oily and breaking out) or our Lavender Honey Complexion Scrub (in areas where my skin is dry and needs that extra moisture.) I always recommend exfoliating in the evening as a weekly self care practice.

Do you have a skincare ritual in place? I'd love to hear about what works for you... and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below. Thanks for following beauties.

Love + Light, Michelle