Spring Fever

Hello Beauties,

I've got two words for you- SPRING FEVER! Spring arrived early in our little corner of the planet and we welcome it with open arms. Since February, stretches of warm sunny day's with short visits of gray sky's and rain have been our norm. Spring has been positively beautiful. Like Mother Nature is throwing a grand party in our neighborhood and the birds, bees, and butterflies are the first guests to arrive. Each day we find more colorful flowers in bloom and the fragrance on afternoon walks is wildly intoxicating. It's a shame not to get out and play this time of year. Immersing ourselves in the whimsy of spring encourages a flood of inspiration in me that colors every part of my life. 

Speaking of color- This week my daughter Brooke & I decided to play with natural egg dyes. Although my kiddos are much older, this new take on coloring eggs sparked our curiosity and with so much information out there it was a simple leap using goods we already had in our kitchen. Here's what we found.

Not really knowing what our results would be we decide to use both white and brown eggs to give us a nice variance of color. While the eggs were being hard boiled, we prepared the natural dyes we'd be using. Below you can find the blends we used to make our natural egg dyes.

We agreed on an 1 hour check and a 3 hour check, none of this overnight stuff, ha! Although after 1 hour they lightly tinted, we wanted more vibrant colors so we set the timer again and for beautiful color a 3 hour soak was just right.

I'm blown away by how beautiful these turned out. We read that by not straining our the dyes and leaving in the plant materials would give the eggs a more marbled effect and as you can see below we achieved the results we were after. Yay! Beautiful colorful eggs!

Has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods? If so, what sorts of projects has Spring inspired in you? We've been turning garden beds and planting herbs and summer veggies already. The scent of sweet orange blossoms and jasmine in our yard have inspired a new bar soap in the COSMIC studio, Blossom is a sweet floral blend that's almost ready for release.  

In the mean time enjoy your Easter and Spring celebrations and if you're running low on some of your favorite COSMIC goodies use coupon code SPRINGFEVER for 15% off online orders through March 31st.


This Thursday, March 31st FARM HOUSE and Glitz Fine Clothing are hosting a little Pop-Up in Downtown Turlock from 5-8pm. COSMIC will be in the house, so I do hope you local beauties can make it, I always love seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends too. 

xo, m